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Atlas Peak Appellation - Muscatine Vineyard

122.17W 38.24 N

Altitude : 845 ft

Slope : 10%

Soil Type : The soil technically belongs to the Boomer-Forward-Felta complex. These are well drained soils on uplands and terraces. The soils formed in material weathered from igneous rocks and rhyolite, weathered volcanic tuff mixed with uplifted river sediments. Basically, this is a very poor and rocky soil.

Vineyard : The vineyard is planted to two Cabernet Sauvignon clones: predominantly clone 337 with a little bit of clone 7. The rootstock is 101.14. The planting density is 4 ft by 6 ft.
This is a beautiful tiny little vineyard of .75 acres that produced only 1 ton of grapes. The berries were tiny and as a result the wine is intense.

Appelation :
The vineyard is on Soda Canyon road that leads to the Atlas Peak appellation. It didn’t make it in the Atlas Peak appellation though. The vineyard is located in a canyon with steep slopes and very poor, rocky soil. This location concentrates heat in the afternoons. The altitude of the vineyard means the winters are colder than on the valley floors and the vines bud later. But later in the season the vineyard sits above the inversion layer which means it doesn’t get fog in the morning and the evenings are also warmer than the valley floor. The vines catch up in maturity then. It is still harvested on the later side of the season.