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Napa Valley Appellation

The art of blending.

Napa Valley AppellationThis wine is not a vineyard specific wine but one made from a blend of wines from various vineyards in the Napa Valley. The intension here is not to focus on the vineyard specific aspects of a wine but on complexity and harmony.

A balanced wine is a wine where the various element of the wine – fruitiness, tannins, astringency, sweetness – are meshed together harmoniously with no element overshadowing the others. It is a wine that flows seamlessly from the entry thru the mid palate to the finish.

Blending is a very creative activity that I really enjoy. I taste different wine lots individually to access their character. I then imagine how they would taste together and what proportion of each lot would make the most interesting blended wine. Having thought this through, I blend the lots and taste the blend. The first blend is often not the best one. I go thru an iterative process where I progressively change the percentages of the lots to reach the most harmonious wine.

Blending usually allows one to create more complex and complete wines. Some lots impart a big, rich entry while others have a strong finish. Other lots can be very fruity but soft while others are tannic but not very aromatic; they can be a little unbalanced on their own. By blending them together in precise proportions the individual parts can complement each other. But blending is not a sure bet; some wine lots do not blend well together, they oppose each other and you end up with a very disgraceful blend. The only way to know is to do the blend and taste it.