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As you surely know Napa Valley suffered from major fires. I lived up Atlas Peak, the hills above Napa and the Silverado Golf Club. I had to evacuate my home in the middle of the night as the flames were at the edge of the house. My house and my office burned to the ground. Happily most of the vineyard was not damaged by the fire. Some edges are burned and charred but it is mostly OK.

Now that the smoke is clearing up I am starting the process of rebuilding. My wines from previous vintages as well as my wine in barrels were stored safely away from the fires so I can sell them to rebuild.

I received many messages of sympathy and offers to help for which I am extremely grateful. I am frankly stunned by the kindness and love expressed by so many people.

If you would like to help me rebuild please buy some of my wines.

Rest assured that the wines are of very high quality and that on top of helping me you will also receive wonderful wines.


Philippe Langner

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"Terroir" ~ Climate and Soil... Revealed by the Vine... Through the Hand of Man
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Hesperian produces small lots of single vineyard, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wines from different appellations of the Napa Valley to showcase their terroir - 'Climate and soil, as revealed by the vine, through the hand of man.'

These artisanal wines are produced with extreme attention to detail, both in the vineyards and in the cellar. They are the most complex, vivid, and age-worthy wines of a unique time and place, in a world renowned setting for Cabernet Sauvignon.

I focus on finding unique and distinctive vineyard sites with soils, climate and geography ideal for growing 

exquisite wine that demonstrates the finest expression of that AVA, in that vintage.

The grapes from these vineyards are like babies to me and I manage the viticultural practices in a very hands on approach to growing the best possible wine.

In the winery, strict sorting, gentle handling, minimal intervention, with moment by moment monitoring of the evolution allow the grapes to speak for themselves.

This project is born out of true love of wine and my passionate desire to make the greatest wines 'of the west.' I expect you will have as much delight in drinking the wines as I enjoyed crafting them.