Opening My Private Cellar

March 24th, 2020

 Up until now, I have been trying to follow the typical California convention in my business model, releasing wines at three years, knowing that there will be some time before they truly shine. COVID-19 and the shutdown provided a chance to reflect.  I looked at all the great wine sitting my cellar, realizing many vintages were coming into prime drinkability. I decided it was time for them to be enjoyed.  Club and allocation list members had the first chance and the best prices, then several fortuitous mentions in regional and national press brought in more orders. 

Receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to opening my cellar was reassuring. I knew the wine was classic and collectible, but it felt good to see everyone appreciating it, not to mention finally see a return on my time and investment. I look forward to offering more great wine on select vintages.