The Cave Update

June 1st, 2019

I have long dreamt of having my own winery, and I am ready to build a cave!

After working on plans for over a year, I submitted themwith all the crazy requirements the county requested in September 2017! The clock is still ticking but the county hasn’t even given me a date for a hearing… There is some serious dysfunction in the county and a lot of misguided, anti-winery sentiment from a portion of the local population. Despite this driving me crazy at times, I am staying positive, and keep pushing to get an answer. My plan is to build an underground cave for barrel storage and a tank room for fermentation and a small building in front of the cave with offices, and a tasting room to receive you with a beautiful view of the vineyard. More to come on this front—when there is movement or when I blow a fuse— which happens regularly.