The Wine Serendipity and Resilience of Philippe Langner

December 20th, 2020

Interview by The Wine Write 

Philippe Langner's life has been full of surprises, some good and others not so fortunate.

Today he is a master viticulturist and lauded winemaker for two successful brands in the Napa Valley, but it was serendipity that got him into the wine business almost twenty-five years ago. An internship in Bordeaux evolved into a lifelong learning process. And it all started with the farming.

Philippe is a vigneron in command of two distinct labels. Hesperian aspires for the highest perch for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Those bottles evoke the vineyards from which they are grown and exhibit precision and finesse. Critics have applauded Hesperian wines vintage to vintage with lofty scores. Philippe is not satisfied. His desire to learn more, experiment, and better express his vineyards drives him.     READ MORE

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