Raptor Kite

September 8th, 2021

As the grapes ripen, the sugar levels rise, and the birds gather and feed. I know a healthy ecosystem is best for the vineyard's long-term health, and the birds play an essential part.   They help keep insects in balance, but as harvest nears, the berries become so incredibly sweet and delicious that so many birds gather to enjoy them. If I let them feast unchecked, I could lose half of my crop.  Also, I wouldn't say I like covering the vine with nets because it is labor-intense and can harm the berries.  The air canons, besides being annoying only work for a week before the bird figures out that they are not a real threat.  A couple of years back, I saw an ad for kites that look like birds of prey, so I tried one. They work so well that I now have three. I wish all challenges of farming were so easy to solve.